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How I Overcame Using a Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying Method

Hello Fearful Flyer,

My name is JP Richards, in my second year of a debilitating fear of flying I discovered the power of hypnotherapy which stopped my fear of flying in it’s tracks.

I did what most people do as a last resort… I went to see a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner named Jarret Kray.

And guess what?

Within 30 minutes of working with him and using a Hypnotherapy fear of flying method (click here to apply the method yourself), I could imagine flying to Columbus withOUT my knees getting feeble, my breathing getting shallow, or my stomach getting nauseous.

Then without pause, without panic, I flew to Columbus, and it was actually a peaceful and pleasant flight.

How I Became a “Phobia Removal Expert”

Since then, I studied some of the top Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners to become a certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner to help others harness the power of hypnosis fear of flying methods and overcome their fears.

I’ve worked with clients one-on-one, and got immediate results. People reported hypnosis fear of flying instantly eliminated their fears and further research confirmed that the technique I taught was not only instantaneously effective, but also a everlasting solution to any fear and phobic disorder.

Does Hypnotherapy for a Fear of Flying Actually Work?

First off, I hope you’re open to the idea of Hypnotherapy because it has been accepted by the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association.

“A relaxed, focused state of concentration”, that is the definition of Hypnosis. But the actual state of hypnosis is a little more difficult to define. Hypnosis is often described like sleep yet you’re not unconscious, more like a state of daydreaming.

How Successful is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is therapy that is undertaken with a subject in hypnosis.

According to the psychotherapy journal of American Psychiatric Association (Vol. 7-1), the following success rates:
  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions
Hypnotherapy specializes in resolving personal issues quickly and permanently.

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