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My belief is that the best way to truly understand anything is simply to try it for myself…

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Are you interested in
removing a fear or phobia?

Are You Hypnotizable?

Many people believe only certain can people are hypnotizable.

All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis, you actually do it yourself. If you have:
  • A willingness to participate
  • An IQ above 60
  • An ability to focus
  • The inclination to follow my instructions set out on Total Body Relaxation
Nothing outside of yourself can stop you from being hypnotized.

Who Will Benefit the Most from this FREE Total Body Relaxation mp3?

free self hypnosis mp3 graphicMy team and I created Total Body Relaxation (a $29 value) with clients who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks in mind because Self-Hypnosis is the perfect technique for gaining control of your body, breathing, and heart rate… and even preventing anxiety/phobia attacks before they happen!

After listening to Total Body Relaxation, you can develop the Self-Hypnosis skill, which allows you to shift your state (anytime) to a deep state of hypnosis or a deep state of relaxation within 15 seconds!

Apart from its effects on fear and phobia symptoms, this track is also useful if you are:
  • New at hypnosis and don’t know how to start, and you want to find out what people are so excited about.
  • A Veteran at hypnosis and want to discover how to go deeper faster.
  • Not going deep or long enough into hypnotic state.
  • Going under too deep and feel you are not recalling what you experienced.
  • Too fidgety while listening to the audio tracks.

How “Total Body Relaxation” works…

Train your brain to go into a deep state of hypnosis in 15 seconds, and then have the ability to return to this state instantly!

Simply follow my instructions on the audio track, and your brain will discover step-by-step how to achieve deeper states of hypnosis. Then recall the “verbal trigger” to achieve instant Self-Hypnosis.

Experience a Self-Hypnosis technique to get your body and brain to go deeper and deeper… until you are a bubble of bliss or ultra relaxed.

Discovering the Skill of Instant Self-Hypnosis is Simple…

Go on, see if you can allow yourself to be hypnotized by downloading (for FREE) and listening to my state-art-of-the digital Total Body Relaxation download:

Are you interested in
removing a fear or phobia?

For the Love of Living Life to the Fullest,

JP Richards, MCH, MNLP

Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, &
Certified Rapid Phobia Removal Therapist