Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the GoGetter JetSetter System work for your particular fear of flying issue?
GoGetter JetSetter is designed to treat every major and minor cause of a fear of flying. If your problem is in any way connected to a genuine fear of flying, I can help you immediately overcome your problem.
  • Your problem may be a physical symptom that disturbs you
  • A mental worry or repetitive anxious thought
  • A specific technical issue about the safety really is
Regardless of the situation, the seven (7) audio tracks and handbook go to the root cause of the fear of flying problem.

There are so many different manifestations of a fear of flying, and the way to treat them still remains the same and that method is what you discover in GoGetter JetSetter.

If however you really need to be 100% sure the course addresses your unique fear of flying problem email me here and I will be happy to help you further.

Does Hypnotherapy and NLP work?
Please click here to read the 5 Myths of Hypnosis, try Hypnotherapy for FREE (a $49 value).

Is downloading a course over the internet the best solution?
Downloading the course is the ideal solution to end this fear of flying problem because right now, you are courageous enough to face your fear. Who knows, while waiting for a program to arrive via the mail you may have lost your courage, right?

The process of downloading is very simply, you access the information immediately and can do so from any computer you wish. If you have any problems we will help you straight away.

There are over 120 minutes of audio tracks, which can be loaded onto your MP3 player such as iPod, easily burned on to one CD and listen to on a CD player or listen to from your computer.

The handbook is an action packed 42 chapters. You have the option to read GoGetter JetSetter online or print it off from any computer you wish. Written in “question and answer” format, often writing few pages will arm you against fear with a “legitimate information foundation”.

Click here for info on how to download GoGetter JetSetter online.

How long it will take to implement the teachings found in GoGetter JetSetter?
My program is designed to work immediately. It's broken down into easy, sequential audio tracks to get you feeling calm, confident, and in control while flying. So if you have to fly today or in 18 minutes, you can overcome a fear of flying, ideally you would listen to one track per day for two weeks prior to your flight.

We get numerous emails from clients who enjoy the straight forward and simple structure of the program. "Thank you so much… It was so simple and easy… Thank you…” is what people write to me all the time.

There is no complicated procedure to follow. After listening to track “The Fast Fear of Flying Cure”, 91% are ready to fly calmly. As stated before this is NOT a series of countless steps or techniques to follow. This is as described, a "FAST" technique that is simple to implement and profoundly effective.

If in the unlikely situation you feel 'stuck’, or have questions on how to implement the technique, I can personally guide you step-by-step through any hurdles or difficulties you may have.

What if the course is not for me, but a friend or family member?
No problem. Simply forward the “order confirmation” email to that person, or burn them a CD with the audio and print off the handbook and hand it to the person you wish to benefit from it.

Or simply email us after receiving the “order confirmation” email and we will show you how to make the course available to the person you are buying it for.

Believe me, there is no better gift you can give to someone than the tools to help a loved one overcome a debility fear, and restore calm, confidence, and peace to their life.

Will this work for my young child or elderly person?
Absolutely YES, the course works for people of all ages.

You may want to print it off in a larger font size if there is a problem with eyesight in the case of an elderly person.

Where young children are concerned it is best you listen and read the program yourself and then teach it to the young child in a manner you feel they will be most receptive. The technique is straight forward and easy to follow and has helped many people both young and old to end their fear of flying issue.

REMEMBER: You have NOTHING TO LOSE, only your fear. Apply the system within the 60 days, and if you aren't impressed, just email me saying “Refund Please” within 60 days and you
  • Get all your money back
  • Plus 25% of my money
  • Keep the $97 worth of bonuses!

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