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If You Can Conquer Your Fear of Flying, You Can Conquer Anything…

Hello Fearful Flyer,

My name is JP Richards, just like you I wanted to conquer my fear of flying, what I can tell you is now that I did conquer my fear of flying, I was and I am FREE to conquer even more my deliabiting fears to create more wonderful wealth, relationships, and adventures in my life.


There Are Two Things to Keep in Mind When You Have Any Kind of Fear:

  1. Some people with phobias think there’s something wrong with them, that they are crazy, or that it’s stupid to have the fear. Actually, if you have a phobic response to something, it means your brain can learn very quickly. Phobias are typically the result of a one-time learning experience.

    For example, one woman had a spider phobia because when she was a child in a crib a spider crawled down on her face and she was unable to remove it. Somehow, outside of her consciousness, whenever she saw a spider or imagined one (stimulus), she would imagine that dangerous and frightening (response) huge spider landing on her face. That single experience had created a fear that had lasted over 15 years…

    … After all, she never forgot to get scared when she saw a spider. This was powerful proof of her ability to learn very quickly.

  2. Fear is a communication from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is attempting to communicate to you that danger is present and that you need to be careful.

Have You Thought About How
NOT Conquering Your Fear of Flying Holds You Back?

Imagine if you will, the cost and benefits of not conquering your fear of flying...

COST of NOT Flying

BENEFITS of Flying

Money Lost.
  • Lose your job
  • Lost job opportunities
  • Lost job promotions
Money Saved.
  • Cheap flights
  • Getting that job promotions
  • Cost of driving is more expensive
  • FREE ticket give aways
Time Lost.
  • Driving is slower (60 MPH) and takes at least 5 times the amount of time flying does (300 MPH)
Time Saved.
  • Flying from NYC to LA in 4 hours, or drive there in two days
  • More time vacationing, less time traveling
Relationships Damaged or Lost.
  • Missed a wedding
  • Missed a funeral
  • Missed a family reunion
  • Couldn’t visit a sick loved one
  • Deceiving your spouse about why you really want to vacation close to where you live
Relationships Built or Saved.
  • Maintaining long distance relationship with significant others
  • Starting a new relationship with someone you met from Lavalife, who lives far away
Self-Esteem Lost.
  • Feeling weak
  • Feeling out of control
  • Feeling cowardly
Self-Esteem Enhanced.
  • Knowing nothing can hold you back from going to where you want to go
  • Knowing if you can overcome this fear you can overcome any fear
Other Losses.
  • Limited places you can vacation
  • Limited places for honeymoons
Other Gains.
  • Having the opportunity to travel the World
  • Being a role-model for others
  • Enjoy your time flying, before, during, and after the flight
  • Get clarity of mind and strong, peaceful thoughts and feelings

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