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Do you think you have Aerophobia?

Fear of flying is an irrational fear of being on an airplane while in flight. It is also sometimes referred to as aerophobia, aviatophobia, aviophobia, or Pteromerhanophobia.

The National Institute of Mental Health has indicated that 6.5% of Americans’ fear of flying has intensified to a bona fide fear of flying phobia which stops them from performing any airplane travel at all, as Michele Monteleone noted in the New York Times in July of 2007, “For Fear of Flying, Therapy Takes to the Skies.”

What is the difference between a fear and phobia?

While it is correct that both fears and phobias play into what is generally termed the “fear of flying”, it is phobias which considered more challenging to overcome.

A “fear” is a little more anxious of the unknown or of that which has not yet occurred. It may be conquered with facts, education, fortitude, and just a bit of courageousness.

Phobias, in contrast, are fears which are deemed to be irrational and groundless, and result in total avoidance of the stimulus (in our case “flying”, aviatophobia). Since they are not based on facts, and instead, are considered disorders of the mind, they are not usually as easily overcome as fears and instead may require psychological treatment.

Keep in mind that phobias are not always manifesting in the same influence in each and every person. While some people may suffer from a phobia related to crowds which expresses itself in a distinct feeling of uneasiness, they are able to deal with it easier than someone else for whom this phobia manifests in physical symptoms.

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